Lease of commercial premises

Commercial, administrative, storage and production premises are offered for lease to companies. The premises may be used for diverse activities. Metalistų Street is close to Pramonės Street, which becomes a commercial centre of Šiauliai city and is one of the busiest streets in the city. The buildings are in good order, renovated and provided with heat insulation. Plastic windows, new roofing. The premises are heated with gas, there are telephone lines, internet, alarm system, and a lot of space for parking. The following well-known and most visited shops, centres and supermarkets operate in Pramonės Street: PC Norfa XXL, PC Senukai, Toyota centre, Skuba, Altas, Moki-veži, Arsenalas. In our territory, acivities are carried out by such companies, as UAB Ginestra" (World of Bolts), UAB "Cramo", UAB "Lukra", AB "Emilita", UAB "Heliopolis", UAB „Promfactor Baltic“, UAB "Rosenberg Baltic".

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